Vision Sensor

Vision Sensor CS-60
The best possible flexibility for demanding inspection tasks

Our CS-60 Vision Sensor offers outstanding flexibility for the highest degree of productivity.

Due to easy lens changing and integrated high-performance illumination, the CS-60 creates excellent images with respect to distance, field of vision and resolution. The extensive tools can be easily expanded through software upgrades and may be individually customized as needed. Comfortable, logical linking of tools and the versatile Profinet connection to the existing PLS component complete its flexibility.

More picture details? The new models of the CS-60 series with 1.6 megapixel

The perfect serial addition: Whenever fine details are to be processed in an image processing application or even the smallest defects must be captured, detailed images are a prerequisite. With the new sensor technology of the Sony IMX273 sensor, the CS60-BM3X vision sensors achieve a resolution of 1456 x 1088 pixels - with a larger inspection range.

Comprehensive focal lengths through M12 interchangeable lenses

for satisfying all common application requirements in the industrial vision sensor area

High-performance image-processing tools and a user-friendly, intuitive software interface

ensure easy and seamless integration

Integrated high power LED illumination in red and white

Illumination can be switched in the software for optimal startup at high speed and at a large working distance

Upgrade function

The modules “Measurement” and “1D and 2D code Reading” can be acquired separately or together as a software expansion to the standard module (Localization, Detection, Counting) with a simple license model.

Further information in the brochure.


In addition to upgrades, we also offer the expansion or modification of the nVision-i software for tailored solutions – including startup support for maximum productivity and quality gains.

  • Comprehensive focal lengths through M12 interchangeable lenses
  • Up to 1.6 megapixel resolution
  • High-performance image-processing tools and a user-friendly software interface
  • Integrated high power LED illumination in red and white
  • Upgrade function: The modules “Measurement” and “1D and 2D code Reading”
  • Customization
  • Supports industry protocols
  • Robust, compact casing with IP67
Supports industry protocols

Digital E/A, TCP/IP, Profinet, HTTP, FTP and ReST-API are supported

Robust, compact casing with protection class IP67

For use in working environments with active washing without the application of additional protective equipment

Reliable and fast: The ID Read tool for all common 1D and 2D code types

(Optional upgrade)


Our vision sensors rise to the challenge of ambitious verification tasks and thus can be used in a variety of industries. Via comprehensive image processing tools, both the verification of the quality and completeness of parts is possible as well as their localization and the transmission of determined positions by way of various communication interfaces.

Inspection and robotic pick & place


Position checks in the packaging industry


Alignment of components

using barcode

Quality control for packaging machines

via barcode determination

nVision-i Software

Save time

Not just because of the interface, which is clear, intuitive and simple to operate, but also because of the high-performance tools, which can be optimized at the highest level of quality and with the highest level of performance.
The visualization of the pipeline and linking of individual tasks in the Logic tool make the greatest degree of flexibility and high speed in the realization of the application possible.

Pipeline & status checks
  • Verification tools can be inserted on the left and moved via drag & drop
  • Measured values and test results/status are also shown on the left side
Navigation bar & verification tools
  • Intuitive and user-friendly navigation menu
  • Contextual help can be displayed as needed
  • Menu guidance available in 4 languages (German, English, French, Chinese)
  • Parameters for search criteria can be adjusted simply and directly
  • Limit values for the evaluation criteria can be entered easily
Display & Drawing tools
  • Image viewing for checking and analysis during operation
  • Context-sensitive description of the tools on the right side to ensure optimal tool use with their complete functionality

The new brochure
Vision Sensors

Learn more about the new vision sensor CS-60 and the proven vision sensors CS-50

Vision Sensors

for industrial automation

All information about the Vision Sensor series CS-50 and CS-60, the software, the tools (with examples), the fields of view and all other technical data – now available for download:

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